Our Services

Sales & Marketing Department
We have the capability to provide our customers with most advanced and cost effective products, improving medical procedures and healthcare infrastructures for the benefit of patients and medical staff.

Our vast experience of around 3 decades has helped us gain profound knowledge in the following fields:

  • Medical Equipment ( Supply, installation and Maintenance )

  • Pharmaceuticals ( Prescription & Over the counter Drugs )

  • Blood Derivatives

  • New Generation Antibiotic

  • Anti Cancer + Transplant Drugs

  • Vaccination + Cold Storage Facilities

    Diphtheria            Hepatitis A              Hepatitis B          Influenza
    Measles                Meningococcal        Mumps                 Polio
    Pneumococcal      Tetanus                   Rabies                 Rotavirus
    Rubella                 Smallpox                  CombinationVaccine


  • Hospital Turn Key Solution

  • Logistics

  • Hospital consulting and management support

Engineering Department ( Installation, Maintenance & After sale Service )

Our qualified team of engineers and technicians are well experienced and aware of all innovations in the medical field. For every project we handle, clients can expect high quality installation, professional after sales service and state of the art satisfaction
Our Engineering department has the ability to understand customerís urgent demands and needs from our long experience with governmental institutions.

Training + CME ( Continuous Medical Education ) Department

Britannia Medical has great pride is our Training and CME department where we insure our clients with the very best training courses on the usage and maintenance in addition to providing healthcare professionals with the latest technical and scientific education.

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